Storm, waves, lightning, wind... A big package that floats in the middle of the sea, a man who climbs it, and before the eyes of the public, where there was sea, an island appears: The show begins.

Nonsense, delusions and games of a castaway in his island. Visual poetry in motion.

"Alone" is the physical and emotional journey of a man that reaches a desert island after surviving a shipwreck. Alone is anallegory of loneliness that uses the language of circus. A show cooked with metaphors, paradoxes, humour and a bit of surrealism.

Show Details

  • Gender: Theater
  • Type: Circus
  • Public: The show is for all audiences
  • Duration: 50 minutes aprox.
  • Language: No text
  • Premiere: Temporada Alta, Girona 29/11/2015
  • Availability: Can be performed both in theatre and street

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